RΔ - Bridge of the Rainbow

RΔ finetunes the sensory input, the processing of information and motor output so you can rest, listen, and feel at home within yourself. 

RΔ brings forth a complex, highly specialized network that organizes, explains and direct interactions between you and the world around you.

Building your relationship with RΔ frequencies will help you:

  • Clear blockages 
  • To be self-regulating and self referencing
  • To be clear in your broadcast - to send and receive your reality the way you want
  • Fine-tune your perfect expression so you can share your intentions in an easy and exact way
  • Open your natural connection between body and soul
  • To reconnect your own nurturing and disconnect everything you have chosen to feed from outside of yourself
  • To remember the "Circle of Life" That we are all one, to let go and emerge yourself in something greater. There is no suffering, no attachment, no judgement, only a walk in Beauty
  • Align your "Raw Power Energy" the natural providing energy
  • To Move forward in Balance

Downloaded,experienced and put into form in the co-creation by Stina J Ytterman & Marie Ytterman 

Blue Ray Frequency 

More info coming up. 


Welcome to book mentorship one on one


+46 (0)70-4242724

I give new perspectives by reflecting wholeness and making light visible in the dark. I guide you to new frequencies and possibilities. You will receive alternative maps showing new routes into your centre. This allows you to land in your unique pulse and rhythm and to re-establish communication between all your parts.

Together we explore what gives you balance. We pay attention to the greatness in the small things and what is taken for granted in everyday life. You are given the opportunity to rediscover the life force, your vitality, playfulness and gratitude.

I enlight the interplay between frequencies, intention, thoughts, emotions and manifestations. You get tools for being in everyday life.

I work from a holistic perspective based on your unique conditions and your specific life situation here and now. 

One session 1 hour

SEK 850 (25% VAT included)

84 Euros

100 US Dollars


We meet digitally alternatively in nature or at a health center in Stockholm or Uppsala, Sweden.

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